Why Blog?

As my husband and I sat down to dinner one night with our two wee ones I told him I was starting a blog. Amongst my ramblings of how I was to do this and what I had learned in my “how to start a blog” searches online (yes, that’s how clueless I am) he asked, “Why? What’s the purpose of the blog?” I had only thought about this abstractly in my mind and putting it into words proved to be quite difficult.

Two years ago I quit my full-time job as a speech therapist and started a new adventure as a stay at home mom. Although staying at home is not an indefinite plan it certainly causes one to change perspective. In my transformation of becoming a mother I feel I have more to share with the world. Here are my thoughts of how I can contribute to your life and hopefully, in return, learn from you as well:

1. Motherhood: The ups and downs of enriching a child’s life.

2. Family: Finding harmony in the light and shadow of kin.

3. Simplicity: The art of keeping things simple and enjoying life’s little blessings.

4. Get a Grip: Learning to be practical in everything from organization to faith.

Since I am a clueless blogger I welcome your tips and tricks of successful blogging and how you came to decide on starting your own blog.



4 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. hehehe, you call your little ones “wee” also 🙂
    i love your mission statement for starting up this blog. First time parents can use all the help we can find, share tips, and talk about experiences. Glad I came across this and I’m very happy to be following your journey.

    • Well thanks. Yes, all the help possible. I stay home with the kids for the time being and just yesterday I was trying to figure out why I can’t get everything in the house done. Then I remembered that there is a two year old running circles around me and a five month old fussing constantly. Deep breaths are a daily refuge.

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