Snakes and Baby Bottles

We are almost in our new house. I hope we don’t have to move again for a long time. While we wait for our new home to be finished we have gone from sleeping at our old house in beds to sleeping at our old house in sleeping bags to staying in an apartment (back in comfortable beds, thank you). We hope to be in our new home in two days. However, the bed situation there may not be much better than sleeping bags again. At least for a few days.

Through out all of these changes, which is so much more than uncomfortable sleeping, I’ve been impressed with the children’s ability to adapt to our situation. One detail that stands out more than others is their imagination when toys became lacking.

The evening of moving day I was exhausted and feeling ready for bed. As I sat down on the floor with my son to a dinner of salami, crackers, and grapes he brought his “snake” to join us. Snake was a measuring tape he had discovered in the tools earlier in the day. Pull out a little of the end and voila, a snake. He even shared his dinner with Snake.

My daughter became interested in some scraps of bubble wrap she found lying around and came up with numerous ways to have fun. Amongst them, she made a baby bottle out of a rolled up piece held together with a rubber band.

I think this is a shining example of how children create play no matter what we provide to them. Toys have their place and children learn and grow from them. But I also think that when all we provide is the world around them, children come up with ideas far greater reaching than any toy with a particular purpose.