Today’s Wormhole

Nerve gas expelled lives of innocent Syrian children. Will we intervene?

Scandal in DC. What today? Politicians cheating on their wives, a country that denies it’s citizens healthcare, or greed in unmentionable forms.

Ariel Castro has hung himself in jail. I hope to never hear his name again. I hope his victims sleep well tonight. For the rest of their lives.

A mother in Idaho tortured, murdered, and burned the body of her 2-year-old. Jail cell and cold floors are her future.

Friends are exercising at a nearby park, babies in their strollers watching the work of their heroes.

Rain falling from the sky on this fall day, thunder in the distance, clouds turn the sunny day to gray.

Blinds blown open from the wind. Bang, bang on the windowsill. I awake from my sloppy slumber.

Baby’s head resting on my arm, my cheek wraps his forehead, his sweat on my face, his hair tickles my nose.

The curve of his tiny shoulder,

his hand upon my arm,

breath that smells of honey,

rising and falling of his chest,

soft relaxed face, eye lids closed;

as sweet as the falling rain upon a rose bud.



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