Poetry, huh?

This last week I attended a writing class through The Cabin here in Boise, Idaho. The experience was different from anything I’ve ever done before and I feel a door has been opened which I did not know existed. I’m bursting with enthusiasm and feel a momentum mounting.

As part of the class, each writer is required to submit a poem to be published in the annual Idaho Writing Camps publication and then attend a public reading where they read their own poem. I have my poems narrowed down to two and was hoping you could help me choose. I also appreciate any honest feedback you have to offer. (Side note: I’m a little frustrated with the spacing of the second poem as WordPress would not allow me to space it as I would like.)

Just leave a comment in the space below. Thank you!


Pictures Passed


These are the days of freckles;

taut dry skin, limp on a blanket,

eyes open to universes

of sapphire.


Lids closed;

drinking in the birds,

metronomic waves,

popping needles.


The lake is a mirror;

until my sunburnt skin enters.

every muscle contracts,

involuntary inhalation.


My boots are cracking,

the rubber a slave to the miles of travel,

switchbacks, unearthed roots,

beads drip down, salt on my lips.


Around the bend,

climb, stretch, the final turn,

I squint at the white orb, focus,

before me the world is my picture frame.


My Hats

At the peak of dawn, a startle of abrupt chirping,

it’s fleece lined, black as soot, a bill to shield my eyes.

Enter, four chubby legs and a choir of pots and pans,

now a fuzzy top, purple stripes, stacks of smiles.

Out the door, blue bag over my shoulder,

it’s a bit of wool, vocal fold fatigue, fingers cramping.

On the patio watching the sunset, conversation over ice cream,

now it’s a breeze of lilac, sweet rain, eucalyptus.

No need to hang

it on the post when I go

to bed.


6 thoughts on “Poetry, huh?

  1. I just came by your blog….The poetry you wrote is very involving, and it talks to the reader. I don’t know how apt it will be for me to choose, being a first time visitor, but I think the poem “Picture Frame” has something enchanting about it 🙂

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