The Bunny Sticker

When I was in 3rd grade my mom gave me a bunny sticker for Christmas. This wasn’t any ordinary bunny sticker. It was a huge bunny sticker. The bunny looked old-fashioned with lines defining it’s tufts of soft white fur, pink undertones along the ears and small grey strokes for the pads of the paw. In my sticker collecting career, which I took very seriously exemplified by my categorized sticker binder, this was the God of all stickers.

As I admired it in my hands on Christmas morning my mom warned, “Make sure you use it for something really special. It was expensive.”

It would not fit in any of the pages of my sticker binder so I found pieces of cardboard, slid the sticker between them, and with tender care placed it in the bottom of a drawer. There it would patiently wait for its moment of truth.

And there it did patiently wait, for 15 years. One summer after college I was summoned by my mother to clean out my drawers in my old room. Under a stack of old English papers, a few letters from friends, and long forgotten memorabilia, there awaited the bunny sticker. It was well preserved, still adorned on it’s original piece of shiny blue paper. There had been times when I thought of using it: a binder in middle school, scrapbook of growing up, or within the cover of a favorite book. Each time I weighed the options and each time decided it wasn’t the right moment. There must be a higher calling for the bunny sticker.

Instead of being proudly displayed my prized sticker went to waste.P1000158

So I say to you all: Stop waiting for moments of perfection when the present is staring you in the face. Use that bunny sticker, ask for that raise, or follow the higher calling. The ball is in your court. Use it.

Have you ever used your bunny sticker? Or not?


8 thoughts on “The Bunny Sticker

  1. Clean,white art paper, special soaps, bubble bath, all fit in the catagory of too special to use, be brave, jump in and use it. Let’s use the bunny sticker in August.

  2. Ah yes, “special” wines fall into that category. I do believe we also have several bottles of champagne in the wine cooler awaiting consumption at that “special” occasion. Alas, they have probably turned to vinegar by now but I’m afraid to look.

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