Picking Up (aka 20 minutes of my life I will never get back)


Look around house and decide tidying up is a good idea.

Pick up sandwich baggie from under the table and put in kitchen.

Take dishes left on the dining table from breakfast and lunch to the kitchen.

Pick up silicone cupcake liner that Winnie-the-Pooh was using for a snack and put in kitchen sink.

Pick up another silicone cupcake liner from son’s mouth and place in kitchen sink.

Spend five minutes doing dishes as quickly as possible so I can move to the next task.

Slip on animal magnet as I turn around to walk out of the kitchen.

Pick up said animal magnet and three others before I break my neck falling on one.

Pick up daughter’s jacket and put on hook in entry way.

Move children’s chair from entry way to proper location.

Move children’s table from precarious place in walkway where I will knock my shin into it and put in proper location.

Pick up wipes case and put in purse.

Pick up my own running shoes and place in entry closet.

Put my own running socks and long sleeve shirt on stairs as a reminder to take up next time I go.

Pick up daughter’s monkey sandals and put in entry closet.

Move children’s chair from behind the couch to proper location.

Put crayons that have had all the paper peeled off them into their container.

Put paper peelings into the trash.

Pick up three pillows from the rug that have been pulled off to use as a trampoline and replace onto couch.

Pick up silicone cupcake liner from family room rug and place in kitchen sink.

Look at the rest of the toys on the floor, consider picking them up but decide to leave them.

Glance outside and notice there are toys on the lawn.

Pick up pool toys that weren’t used for the pool but were pulled out just to play with.

Pick up toy car, silicone cupcake liner, and plastic fish from lawn and bring inside.

Look around and think, “that looks much better,” when there are still things everywhere.

Collapse onto couch with intentions of getting up in a few minutes to actually do something productive.

Stay on couch and close eyes for just a minute to relax.

Fall asleep thinking about the fact that I should get up and have a cup of coffee if I’m this tired.

…you would think I don’t have my toddler clean up anything…I really do!


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