5:00 in the morning

It’s such a funny feeling. Fifty minutes of hoping my son would fall back asleep after waking at 5:00 in the morning; and now that he did I am sad. I resisted going in and holding him, rocking the tears away.

He had been happily feeding at 5:00 and then going back down for another nap before waking at 6:30. But then he stopped; he still wanted to nurse but decided the day had begun. I could not coax him back down. For a 10 month old, a week of waking up at 5:00 in the morning draws his eyes long and stokes the temper.

I decided this wasn’t working any longer. So I listened to him wake at 5:00; happy, and ready for his feeding. Soon the sweet baby babbles turned to squawks, then more determined yawps of appeal. When I went in at 5:30 to kiss his head and pacify the tears I then turned around to leave rather than hold him, cradle him, nurse him; the yawps turned to wails.

Oh my son, I’m sorry, but we must stop. We must stop this enchanting 5 am rendezvous we have. The time has passed and we must make way for other things. Sleep my cherub and we’ll meet again. But let’s not forget this moment in time.


4 thoughts on “5:00 in the morning

  1. I love your ending thoughts. I’m struggling a little with the idea of “sleep training” my little guy. You helped me realize that rather than thinking about what we’ll be missing, I can cherish the memories and look forward to our next stage.

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