Cleaning…going a little deeper.

I’ve been meaning for months to do some deeper cleaning around the house. This, along with my desire to start making homemade cleaners, are finally coming to the forefront. What I did this week were maintenance type tasks that are good for appliances. I use these machines daily but don’t usually return the favor with tender loving care. It’s never to late to start.

Washing machine: I see the little brown specs and dog hair collect at the base of the rubber seal each time I put a load in and think, “I’ve got to do something about that.” I found the One Good Thing blog which gives lots of ideas for homemade cleaners and cleaning. Here is what I did to clean the washer. It definitely helped but as you can see from my picture below it did not get all of the grime that is under the rubber seal. It’s looks much better on the surface but this part has been stubborn. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a stain or actually something to be concerned about. I know the picture is gross but I don’t even want to think about what was there before.


Dishwasher: Here is what I did for the dishwasher. I can’t believe how simple it was and how long it took me to do it. White vinegar. That’s it. Also, as a suggestion from my Dad, I wiped down the rubber seal along the perimeter of the door as it had some mineral deposits along it. Just a washcloth and water.

Stove: I’m tired of the grates on my stove never coming truly clean. There always seems to be a little residue left behind no matter what I scrub with. I tried this idea with great success. I’ve never bought or used ammonia for cleaning before and wow, is it strong. I took one grate out after 8 hours because I needed to make dinner and the others after 10 hours. You still need to scrub the grates when they come out but it really did give them a shine I haven’t seen in a long time. No more brown icky stains.

Onward ho!

There are still so many little things on my list, for example, wiping down the window sills. I’ve started using my fingertips to open and close the windows to avoid the dust build-up. For now, I would like to focus on making some homemade cleaners. I bought all the ingredients and just need to decide where to start.

Here are some ideas I have found:

Reasons Why

He and She

Little Mrs. Robinson

I would love to hear if you have experimented on your own and discovered what works for you.


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