Sunday Thoughts: Saying Grace

I previously posted about finding a prayer to say with my children before bedtime. It’s been fun seeing Hannah develop from being confused about praying to eagerly adding onto the “God bless” list each night. Saying Grace at dinner is the next prayer I want to integrate into my daily life. As I explained in my previous post, I consider myself a bit prayer challenged so I like the idea of a rote prayer. It comes out so much more beautifully than I could ever put it.

As a kid, my dad was always the one who said grace. His usual prayer was a follows:

Heavenly Father,

Bless this food to our use

and us to your service,

and make us ever mindful of the needs of others.

In Christ’s name,


I also stumbled upon this website that has some great ideas for saying grace. I think I’ll start using my Dad’s prayer to get into the habit but I’m going to keep this traditional prayer in mind, as well:

Bless us O Lord,

and for these Thy gifts

which we are about to receive,

May the Lord make us truly thankful.


Do you have a particular prayer you like to say for grace?


8 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts: Saying Grace

  1. My Grandfather(paternal) always had a set prayer for mealtime. “Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest, bless everything prepared for us. Amen” He is no longer with us, but it warms my heart to remember him praying this.

  2. My mom thought my siblings and I a Simple Prayer before meal. God is Great, and God is Good and we thank him for our food Amen. Happy Mother’s Day! Be Blessed, Mtetar

  3. We used to recite grace before dinner which we learned in school when we were younger.

    Bless us O Lord as we sit together
    Bless the food we eat today
    Bless the hands that made the food
    Bless us O Lord Amen

    We used to sing it. I had forgotten it. Just reading your post made me remember it.

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