You’re into the schedule thing, right?

As a parent, there are so many choices and decisions we have to make. From what to make for breakfast to deciding on a preschool, sometimes my brain feels like it’s swelling just keeping track of it all. At the same time, I love it. My husband and I have the privilege of giving our children the opportunities we want them to have. Key word we. You may have a different idea as to what’s best for your child. This is the beauty of it all, though. What good would this world be if we all made the same “correct” decision? It would be boring; that’s for sure.

During a conversation with another mom the other day I was discussing Simon’s 9 month check-up. I had commented that with Daddy and Daughter gone these past few days, Simon seemed to be sleeping better and was less cranky. My observation was that having a two-year-old running around probably wasn’t conducive to the 9-month-old being able to take two naps each day; but that’s life. We were discussing the challenges IMG_1051_2of this and the other mother stated, “Well, you’re into the schedule thing, right?” I was a little confused by the question and asked, “What do you mean?” Her answer, “You put your kids on a schedule for sleep, right?” Her tone was accusatory; at least that’s I how I interpreted it.

Maybe I’m sensitive about this but with all the challenges parents’ face, unless you are putting your child in harm’s way, I believe we all need to cut each other some slack. What is seen on the surface is only the beginning. Everyone has a story and a reason. I don’t doubt that I’ve unknowingly offended other mothers’ by asking questions and for that, I’m sorry. I do my best to never judge another parent on their parenting skills. I am not perfect; none of us are.

Let’s tap each other on the shoulder and instead of showing a critical eye, give a hug or a handshake. We’re all doing the best we know how. For any parent who has ever doubted themselves, see the ad below for a feel good moment.


7 thoughts on “You’re into the schedule thing, right?

  1. YOU are doing more than OK!!! I get to see you in action a lot & you are the most patient, attentive, calm mom I’ve been around. Simon & Hannah adore YOU. And they will remember that you were there – you were present 🙂

  2. Thanks for your insight! I’m finally feeling confident enough as a mom to go with what feels right to me and not worry about labels and doing things “by the book.” It is so freeing. What is right for one family may not work at all for another. I completely agree, let’s not judge, but support each other. That ad made me cry happy tears. Thanks for sharing.

  3. If this were titled, “You’re doing ok, Dad” it would be followed by, “but ask Mom for tips and pointers, ok?”

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