Simplifying: The Makeup Drawer

A few weeks ago as I reached for my nail file in my makeup drawer I noticed old nail clippings scattered about. My face froze, then my eyes got big, and then my mouth crinkled up in disgust. I decided it was time to clean out the makeup drawers. My makeup is kept in a small square box on the counter. It’s embarrassingly old and looks like something a teenager should have in their bathroom. Plastic and purple. But I’ve never found another container the same size to replace it. There are three drawers and it fits perfectly in the space I have. I consider it a modest cabinet but there were many things I haven’t used for quite a while so out all the makeup came.

As I stood there staring at it all on the bathroom counter I kept in mind my recent mission to simplify my life. An eye liner here and an out of style eye shadow there and soon I had a much more manageable makeup collection on my hands. And it was so easy. The entire project took me thirty minutes. I now have three lipsticks in my makeup drawer. Actually, one lipstick, one lip gloss, and a chap stick. I’ve never had so few lip accessories since I was in middle school and started collecting.

It’s the small things that all add up to the great big picture.


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