Winter Cleaning

Boise has had some extremely cold weather lately. Usually the weather in the valley here is mild in the winter. We get snow but it tends to melt within a few days. Everyone is able to go about their business as usual except for the occasional snow storm and cancelled day of school. However, this past December and January we’ve had temperatures averaging around 0-10 degrees. Some days it’s been in the negatives and others stretching to 18 or even 20. The sad part is this has largely been due to an inversion but regardless, this is cold for me! We even had an ice storm last week that shut down 80 miles of the interstate.

Funny thing is that I’ve noticed it most when picking out which shoes to wear. I don’t have any heavy-duty snow boots or thick fuzzy lined shoes. Mostly Danskos and flats. Because the temperatures have been so low none of the snow has melted. This has made for either snowy, icy, or slushy roads. Constantly. Danskos have just about the worst traction of any shoe out there, second maybe to Uggs. Not to mention they’re a twisted ankle just waiting to happen. Flats are out of the question because everything is so wet. Neither provides a warm comfy place for my cold feet. So, it’s been running shoes and my one pair of boots (Dansko, of course).

The reason I’m rambling on about our miserably cold weather is because when it’s so uncomfortable outside, one tends to spend most of their time indoors by a warm fire. And I guess because I just want to complain a little! All this time warming by the fire has given me the opportunity to look around the house and take notice of all that should be cleaned and organized. So, I’ve compiled a list of winter cleaning items that I hope will give me a jump-start on spring cleaning. No stepping out of the threshold required!

  • Pantry: wipe down all surfaces, take notice of what needs to be used, throw away anything unwanted.
  • Junk drawer: clean shop!
  • Desk: clear top of any clutter and thin files (shred all unnecessary papers).
  • Bathroom drawers/under sinks: remove everything, wipe out, and throw away items no longer used.
  • Laundry room: wipe down all cabinets, throw away unused items, clean the washer and dryer. *If dryer vent needs to be cleaned, set up appointment.
  • Donate summer clothes and winter coats: I know, it’s a weird combination but to me it makes sense. I’m not using my summer clothes and donating winter coats means that someone in greater need can keep their body warm rather than it collecting dust in my closet.
  • Wrapping center: After Christmas I find it a good time to go through all my wrapping supplies and get rid of less desirable items.
  • Change passwords: I do this once a year and it’s easy to remember at the beginning of the year. Fresh start.
  • Run a credit report: You get a free one each year. Take advantage before tax time and make sure all your accounts are in stable condition.

Okay, what did I miss? Is there anything in particular you like to clean out during the winter?

In addition, I’m sharing something I tried in order to clean my rug. Despite the fact that I vacuum it twice a week and have a carpet cleaner come once a year, it just always feels covered in dog hair. Guess I was right. OMG. O…M…G. All I did was use a squeegee on the carpet.


That pile is mostly dog hair but also anything else you can imagine that the vacuum leaves behind. Yuck!


8 thoughts on “Winter Cleaning

    • Well mom, both of those would require stepping out of the threshold. 🙂 It’s too cold this time of year and the garage is too dirty with all the dirt the cars drag in from the winter. But in Monterey those sound like great winter tasks. Especially the gardening stuff because then it’s ready when springtime rolls around.

  1. Sorry to hear about the extreme cold in Boise! When it’s below 40 here, I don’t like taking my little guy outside. That makes for a long day! I’m impressed by your cleaning plans. I can barely keep up with laundry and dishes, let alone do deep cleaning. It’s inspiring.

    • Well, it’s not all completed…and lately, I’m just happy when I get the laundry and vacuuming done, if that. I’m slowly tackling it and have learned not to get disappointed if things take a while. But the list gets me started.

  2. Hey ! What is the thing you use on your carpet ?? We have two dogs and a cat, and it would be extremely helpfull – because, well, the vacuum cleaner does not clean everything ;). Thanks a lot. Nato

    • No it really doesn’t! It’s a squeegee. Usually used in the shower to wipe down the water or when cleaning windows. You can buy one at any grocery or general store for under $5. Happy cleaning!

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