New Church Butterflies

Going to a new church often makes me nervous. Since we started attending an Episcopal church some of the practices are different. I would rather not point out the fact that I don’t know what’s going on. For example, reciting The Nicene Creed or using the correct vocabulary like Acolyte or Eucharist. However, what’s the worst that could happen? I make a mistake? I meet someone new?

Here are some things that helped me feel at ease at my new church:

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1. Sit in a pew with other people. You already feel isolated, don’t make it worse.

2. If there’s something unfamiliar during the service don’t look around frantically trying to figure it out. Take it in. Pay attention to the people in front of you and just observe.

3. Introduce yourself. Passing the peace of Christ is a good time but after the service as people are walking out allows for more time to talk.

4. At the end of the service, walk down the center aisle and meet the reverend. You’ll at least get a smile and a kind word.

4. If you’re brave enough to go to coffee hour grab a snack and invite yourself to sit down with someone. If nothing seems available, sit alone at a table. This sounds scary but I guarantee people will approach you. A church wants to welcome newcomers and if they see you alone someone is sure to say “Hi.”

Any other suggestions?


12 thoughts on “New Church Butterflies

  1. All Churches are different with different names, and titles for a group or groups. You may need to ask a greeter, orsher, elder, Devon, hospitality department, etc for info about the church that you need to know. The Church’s Directory might help, if any. Mtetar

  2. Keep your beautiful smile on your face, Ashley! And being a newcomer is a perfect intro to ask about particulars of the service since you are in a “learning” mode. Most people will love explaining things and helping out new ones.

  3. My husband is a minister….so we are no stranger to church and church visitors. I enjoyed your post and think all of your suggestions are good ones. My only addition would be to not give up. It takes time for you to get to know your new church and for them to know you. I’ll be praying that the Lord gives you peace in your new church…and a friend. 🙂 God bless

    • I’ve been meaning to come back to your comment and thank you again for what you said. I’ve thought about it many times, especially as I sit awkwardly at coffee hour or just have an “off day.” Then, the next week I’ll meet a wonderful new family. I’m still loving this church and plan to continue attending.

  4. I think if you could find a small group to get involved with or a sunday school class that would be a great way to meet people and begin to build relationships. 🙂 Be courageous maybe introduce yourself to the pastor.

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