A True Companion: Part III


The last two posts I’ve written about my dog, Coda. You can read them here and here. Even with all the trouble she has caused we have always trudged through. We love her no matter what and have tried endless training strategies to curb the unwanted behaviors.

Lately, I find myself giving her more negative attention than love. The barking. She barks at everything. The begging. The neediness. The growling at the kids. Because there are two little ones in the house to take care of first and foremost, I’ll notice it’s late in the day and I haven’t given her so much as a scratch behind the ear. When this happens I go find her and cuddle up next to her and give her some much deserved attention. Her love is simple. Pet, scratch, cuddle. I watch her eyes soften as I stroke her back. She calms and her muscles relax as she takes in the soothing scratches.

Exercising her has been the most challenging. Getting myself out the door has become a feat; exercising Coda tends to fall to the bottom of the list. Going for a run includes bundling up a two-year old and five month old, pulling out the double running stroller, and getting them both buckled in. Adding a dog to the list (who pulls awful) and possibly a car ride to get there is just hard. It’s not impossible; just hard. By that time I tend to be out of steam. It’s one more thing tugging away at my oh, so short patience.

I’m not saying this to complain. It is what it is. The reason I wanted to post about her was to remind myself how much I love her and of what we’ve been through together as a family. Although I’m not out on a walk with her right now (which, of course, would be her preference) I’m thinking about how she makes our lives more full.  It weighs heavy on my heart that I’ve treated our sweet loving dog as a burden. She is no such thing. She is a cherished member of our family.

With that said, I end this in listing why this dog steals my heart. I’m so glad my husband insisted on rescuing her from the humane society eight years ago.

  • Loves some good ‘ole scratches.
  • Always up for any form of exercise.
  • Is kind to other dogs.
  • Points at birds even though we’ve never taken her hunting.
  • Frolics in the snow; sometimes bounding like a deer. Also loves to eat snow.
  • Never runs too far away in the foothills.
  • She dreams; snarls and chases birds in her sleep.
  • Howls when she hears a siren; even if you are the siren.
  • Loves to smell breath, especially morning breath.
  • Says goodnight at the side of the bed with a nose nudge.
  • She is my shadow; following me around the house from room to room, always laying close by.
  • When I am upset she comforts me with a warm body and wet nose.

    Old and regal.

    Old and regal. (Photo courtesy of Kim Hendrickson)

I love you, Coda.


4 thoughts on “A True Companion: Part III

  1. Coda knows you love her no matter what. Her walks must be Dereks daily responsibility. You have 2 babies to care for. Do not feel guilty if she doesn’t get out. Derek does a fabulous job with her. Her pulling is unacceptable when you have the babes with you.

  2. I love this series of posts. Codas flaws and nuances often lead to great stories and lots of laughs, even if it ends with “and then she got charcoal at the vet’s office.” Coda’s best attribute is, and always has been, her ability to love her family.

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