Reservations Please

I have no reserve. Waking up two to four times at night for weeks in a row takes a toll on one’s sanity. I cannot compare it to anything else. I’ve never experienced this kind of exhaustion. Not in running half marathons, not in late night college parties, not in jet lag. When sleep is interrupted after just short spurts it alters your mental state. My dreams are weird, my patience is short, and my shirts are on backwards. Yes, I knew we were lucky with our first baby sleeping through the night early (6 hour spurts at 8 weeks old). And from what I’ve heard, Simon isn’t much of an exception. In having kids, the best advice anyone ever gave me was, “The only thing consistent about babies is that they are always changing.” As in all things in life, this too shall pass, and I shall once again have reservations amongst the sleep gods.

Here’s to sleepless nights and strong marriages.


6 thoughts on “Reservations Please

  1. Ashley- I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog! Especially in the middle of the night when I’m up with Henry. The lack of sleep is really difficult. I agree, it doesn’t compare to anything else!

  2. When my twins were babies (they are 13 now)…I used to wonder, “Is it possible to die from lack of sleep?” 🙂 Now I can look back on that time and laugh, but it wasn’t funny then. Hang in there, nap when you can, and yes, this too shall pass.

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