Family at Christmas

I want to say how excited I am to have my family here this Christmas. Staying home is new to Derek and I. We are used to packing up and traveling each Christmas, usually by road, but since we’ve had kids our family has been generous enough to come to us. Traveling at Christmas is time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. We know. So we are really appreciative that they all agreed to come our way for a few years.

I’ve had a lot of fun decorating this year. I only put up the items that are truly meaningful to us. This has helped simplify decorating and made it more sentimental. There’s the “Merry Christmas” garland hanging over the mantle given to me years ago by a patient; the snowman sign from my mom which hangs in the entry; our kiwi and pukeko ornaments from New Zealand. My favorite is the nativity scene given to me by my husband and in-laws when we moved to Idaho. When I look at each item it warms my heart to think of all the family and friends that love and care for us.





Along with the wonderful aspects of having family for Christmas there’s also the chores. Grocery shopping, errand running, cleaning, and house prep. But it’s all a small task in the end. I agree with those that say a full house is a happy house. I remember my brother and I giving up our rooms and moving to the couch when my grandparents came for Christmas. The kitchen was bustling, conversation was copious, and memories abounded because everyone was in such close quarters. It’s family. And that’s the beauty of it.

So, bring out the cheese trays and antipasto; the See’s candy and the cookies. The children will release our spirit within as we all fondly recall the anticipation of Santa. Everyone will curl up on the couch and watch It’s a Wonderful Life as we join together in being thankful for each other this holiday season.

They arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait.


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