Concert for Cause

I love concerts. There’s just something about experiencing music live that invigorates, energizes, and excites. Watching musicians play, their talent dripping out from their fingers and filling the room with a medley of complex chords always amazes me. I could not write my own music if I tried so seeing first hand how these talented artists manage to put it all together is almost revelatory for me. I like to try to pay attention to individual instruments, the beat they carry, and how it all contributes to a boasting melody. Then there’s the spirit of the crowd and how it feeds off the musician. The singer dances across the stage raising his arms and clapping his hands, the crowd zealously reciprocating. There’s inevitably a couple next to you who throws caution to the wind and dances overly enthusiastic but because they are enjoying themselves so thoroughly you secretly wish you could join them (okay, maybe that’s just me). Concerts rock. Period.

Derek and I were lucky enough to have a friend give us VIP tickets to The Knitting Factory here in Boise, concert of our choice. I was enthused about our VIP tickets because I’m always frustrated with the view of the stage at The Knitting Factory. The main area is a flat floor with no seats so it’s almost impossible to see unless you’re tall. The VIP area sits on a second level with tables and chairs overlooking the stage. A waitress serves you drinks and food. You have your own restrooms and a lounge where you can rest on couches. Yes, true luxury at a concert.

We decided to go see Blind Pilot, not a band we’re all that familiar with but it sounded fun. Allen Stone opened. The best part about this concert is that it was Boise’s annual Concert of Cause, benefiting the local organization the Women’s and Children’s Alliance (WCA). (The WCA offers a safe place for those suffering from domestic abuse and sexual assault.) The concert included a silent and live auction, too, with all the money going to the WCA. I bid on a few things in the silent but didn’t win. Just bidding was exciting though. The live auction was so fun to watch and included items such as signed guitars, fancy dinners for 12, and a ski equipment package. All in all, the concert raised $23,000 for the WCA. Such a good cause.

Okay, back to the music. Blind Pilot was great, Half Moon was the song I was familiar with but I enjoyed the rest of their music as well. The big surprise was Allen Stone. I listened to a couple of his songs on You Tube before going and thought he didn’t sound half bad. He was awesome! Sometimes the personality and energy of an artist can make all the difference in enjoying a concert. Allen rocked the stage with his skinny jeans, plaid jacket, and dancing. He truly got you into the beat and I couldn’t help but lose myself in his music. (I couldn’t find a good video of how he performed like he did live but here’s a sampling of his music.)


Have you ever been surprised by a musician’s ability to get you out of your chair and dancing to the beat?


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