Simple Christmas

In recent years we’ve enjoyed celebrating Christmas in a simpler form by focusing less on the gifts and more on making memories. I think gift giving is an important part of Christmas, especially for children, as it teaches them to be thoughtful towards others. However, I prefer it be a “side dish” as opposed to the “main entrée.” The Christmas memories from childhood that made a big impression on me include: 1) a tree lighting when I was about eight, 2) one year when my parents took us to Park City, and 3) watching a Christmas morning sunrise while singing carols and eating cinnamon rolls. These are beautiful memories and all were events rather than specific gifts.

The following is a list of how we plan to celebrate the season this year in Boise, Idaho. All can be found at this website.

1. Festival of Trees

2. Winter Garden Aglow

3. The Christmas Run

4. Christmas Church Walk

5. Family walks with the dog.

6. Donations to: Women’s and Children’s Alliance, Boise Rescue Mission, BabySteps, Toys For Tots, and The Salvation Army. Remember, a donation can be as simple as a $5 toy for a child or tossing the change from your wallet into The Salvation Army bucket.


For more general ideas, below is a link to a wonderful list of how to simplify Christmas posted by one of my favorite blogs I’ve been following. My personal picks are: The Ultimate Clutter Free Gift Giving Guide, 5 Powerful Ways to Share an Experience This Holiday Season, and The Top of Your Holiday To-Do List: Breathe.

Becoming Minimalist: The Helpful Guide to Simple Christmas Links

What sort of special events are you attending this year? What about following Christmas family traditions or something to keep the holiday simple?


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