I saw pure wonderment through the eyes of my daughter today. I didn’t grow up around others with children and very few of my friends have kids so I haven’t observed the pure sweetness of innocence until now. The day after Thanksgiving we went and picked out a Christmas tree. Hannah has seen a few around town but doesn’t yet understand what Christmas is all about.

While she was down for her nap on Friday we got the tree put up and the lights on it. When she came down and turned the corner to find a lit up tree she was entirely speechless. Her steps became purposeful and slow as she walked over to that tree. Her eyes were wide and her mouth agape as she stared up. The rest of the day she spent time by that tree making friends.

Since she had so much interest over our tree at home Derek and I decided to take her to the Festival of Trees here in Boise. This is a wonderful event put on by St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center that features dozens of Christmas trees and wreaths decorated by local schools and businesses. The whole event is elaborate and colorful and really gets you into the Christmas spirit. After the festival, the trees are either sold to individuals or donated to local organizations in need.

As we walked in the door to see the trees she was distracted by a ticket they gave her upon entering. She wanted to hold it. I helped her put it in her pocket and then, she looked up. Right in front of her was a tree decorated all in purple, gold, and green. Bright lights, tinsel, and elves. And there was the look again. Wonderment. I picked her up to help her see and the glow of her eyes twinkling in the lights and her face of utter amazement brought tears to my eyes. Such beautiful beautiful innocence.

I wonder when I’ll get to see this face again. I can’t wait. It’s not predictable but that makes it all the more extraordinary.

Hannah’s 1st Christmas, 2 months old


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