As my husband and I sat down to dinner tonight with our two wee ones I told him I was starting a blog. Amongst my ramblings of how I was to do this and what I had learned in my “how to start a blog” searches online (yes, that’s how clueless I am) he asked, “Why? What’s the purpose of the blog?” I’ve only thought about this abstractly in my mind and putting it into words proved to be quite difficult.

You see, two years ago I quit my full-time job as a speech therapist and started a new adventure as a stay at home mom. Although staying at home is not an indefinite plan it certainly causes one to change perspective. In my transformation of becoming a mother I feel I have more to share with the world. Here are my initial thoughts of how I can contribute to your life and hopefully, in return, learn from you as well:

1. Motherhood: The ups and downs of enriching a child’s life.

2. Family: Finding harmony in the light and shadow of kin.

3. Simplicity: The art of keeping things simple and enjoying life’s little blessings.

4. Get a Grip: Learning to be practical in everything from organization to faith.

Since I am a clueless blogger I welcome your tips and tricks of successful blogging and how you came to decide on starting your own blog.



14 thoughts on “Why?

    • Agreed! Mothers are so important and I treasure everyday to take part in the journey. You blog looks great. I’ve already checked it out and will start following. You’ve got some great ideas. You’re my first follower…Thanks!

  1. I already love it!! Well I have a ways to go…but welcome to the world of blogging. I love the simplicity and welcome your words of wisdom.

    I also reckon you go to your “Reader” and type in Mothers, Family, Faith, etc. just so you can follow and read other blogs similar to yours and so they can perhaps follow you back! I’m sure you already knew that but I’m willing to share anything you’d like!

  2. Ashley, Like your blog a lot! Impressed.:) Neat picture at the top; really good points of focus on what the blog is to do–also I really like the poetic slant of “harmony in the light and shadow of kin”–that says a lot and is thought-provoking. Count me as a supporter!

  3. Ashley, nice adventure you’re beginning! Your four points are heartfelt and life-enriching – excellent way to picture “going on growing.” I must ditto Peter’s observation on your poetic slant. Your ten Thanksgiving “thankfuls” have caused me to pause and reflect this Thanksgiving
    day – wonderful thoughts!

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